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Besides working professionally with schools and organizations with the intent to inspire kids I am also a content creator targeting teenagers as my main audience and I go by the name of Big Jor. This is my way of expressing my raw edgy side. I mainly create content on YouTube telling stories about lessons I've learned growing up in regards to mistakes I've made and how I managed to pick myself up and become a better person out of it. My main message towards my audience is to fail fast because the more mistakes you make the faster youll grow as a person.


My name is Jordan Lourens and I am the owner of Jordan lourens animation & graphic design. I grew up on the Caribbean island Curacao. Throughout my life I had a series of challenges that  I needed to overcome. One of my biggest challenges was the feeling of not being able to express myself and creating art has always been the medium towards me finding my voice. I have worked in multiple industries and education and the creative industry is the place where my heart is at.

Naturally I had tons of mentors that also guided me through my journey. One in specific took me under his wings and thought me the ins and outs of making a living from what I am truly passionate about which is creating art. After finishing a handful of big projects in Curacao I decided it was time to take the next step in my journey and move to the Netherlands to continue my journey not only as an artist but as a student as well.

I moved to Rotterdam, The Netherlands to continue spreading my art and also providing platforms such my workshops to help the younger generation find their voices creatively as well.

Links to my content creation channels

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
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